Why I Wrote “Twisted Roots, Standing Tall”

Why I Wrote “Twisted Roots, Standing Tall”

It is my belief that if a person decides to transform from their traumas, they will receive all the guidance, support and financial requirements to make this journey.  It may take time; however, the universe is always there for us and it was always there for me. I just followed what seemed necessary to release all my pain, hurts and energy blockages and reinvite my soul’s energy back into my physical form. This was a journey I had to take alone, and basically without another person’s support aside from therapists.

The first 20 years of my life were filled with trauma. However, trauma gave me the incentive to heal and eventually facilitate others in their healing.  Our birth right is to be loved, healthy, happy and prosperous. This becomes available when we clear old bodily memories, creating blockages, inflexibility, injuries and disease. Facilitating healings is my destiny, and my specialty is sexual trauma, guiding people to total physical, emotional and mental healing and freedom.

Nothing is all good or all bad. In addition to healing others, I also had exquisite experiences in other areas of my life. There were wonderful adventures I encountered as a world traveler and physical activities, like hiking the AT trail for over six months, downhill skiing, dancing, biking, canoeing and camping in nature.

My childhood poverty also propelled me to do what it took to gain financial independence. In doing my therapeutic work, I was able to remove blocks that would have created ill health for myself. I needed to face my anger—indeed rage—and abusive and victim energies. I became a workaholic, and the greatest benefit was that it created the finances to pay for therapy. I needed to be in control because deep down I was so out of control, lacking clarity, caring and self-guidance.

There are also many lifelong struggles that accompany trauma. One of my biggest challenges today is my weakness in relationships with family and others. This arose as a result of being shattered into so many different parts that the relationships of these parts have made it difficult to be in relationship with others. I learned that, when alone in a safe and peaceful place, one does not harm oneself.  Nor is there a need to build a heart wall. That is my truth.

My initial 20 years of trauma instigated my journey of becoming a wounded healer. This experience revealed my gifts. It also taught me that life is precious, all is possible, and abundance and love are our birth rights. In writing “Twisted Roots, Standing Tall,” I demonstrate that you too can reach your highest potential and achieve the best possibilities from your life.

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