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Through her writing and art, Anne de Nada empowers readers who have experienced trauma or sexual trauma to heal, learn and rise. Through relaying her personal journey from self-hatred to freedom, abundance, self-love and transformation, de Nada illustrates how others can break free from the restraints of their trauma and manifest the deepest desires of their heart.

For more than 40 years Anne has been exploring different forms of therapy and self development. What began in adolescence as a desperate cry for help, “because the pain was too great”, has blossomed into a spiritual mission to share her expertise and healing abilities with others who are ready to accept help in accelerating their own growth.

Following a successful career in a high stress industry, Anne began offering Massages and “Shamanic Body” work sessions in her Oxygen Spa.  Then in, response to her clients’ requests to be able to do more intensive work, she began offering Intensive Silent Retreats to those who were seeking personal breakthroughs in their lives.

Shamanic Healing

Edgar Cayce said “Those who do not go within go without“. These words apply to self healing.  There is only one person who does the healing and that is the individual. Others can offer support, create a safe environment, bring in energies of love, hope and forgiveness but ultimately at the deepest moment of where life is really lived, one must sit alone, aligned with all their energetic parts from the densest to the finest.

Your physical, mental, emotional, and soul bodies are focused with the highest intent of reaching their deepest truth.  Healing is about feeling what has happened to us in times of crisis, trauma, and disappointments and discovering that it is not what was done to us that is painful

     It is about how our responses dishonoured the truth of ourselves.
     It is our birth right to be happy, joyful, peaceful and calm.

Yes there is a heaven here on Earth and it is found within, by every individual, no matter what the physical circumstances are.  It is learning that our inner world is far more powerful than our outer world.  Our external world is but a small symbol of what we have been able to create in our lives.  When our personal outer life is not going the way we want it, there is a reason.

We are constantly being guided every minute of the day.

It is for us to realize we have a soul’s journey to engage in and that we often only look at issues when there is illness, sorrow or our physical security has been threatened. From a soul’s perspective, these are our earthly exams that we must pass in order to graduate to connecting with our inner strength, insight and our heart’s or soul’s purpose here on earth.

Sometimes we are sent troubles in order to strengthen us and to search for the meaning of life.

Intensity is the key to success-like examining oneself through a magnifying glass all the way back to source and one’s magnificence, essence and power.


Client virtual comments.
My experience working with Anne was none other than extremely extraordinary. I came into the session with no real expectation of how things would go, but we started with simple meditation which flowed into simple techniques that will help me heal my mind, body, soul, and heart- collectively. She made me feel comfortable; I left the session without any doubts of what we spoke of and so much clarity. I ecstatically look forward to every time we speak and our future sessions. There has been so much that I have learned in such a short time; I know continuing these things will benefit my journey for higher intuition greatly. Forever grateful.

I had several virtual healing sessions with Anne, and it was incredible! I could feel my energy changing, a sort of release. It was very emotional as energies moved, though my eyes were closed, I could still feel so much energy floating out of my body. Anne’s voice and guidance were clear and right on point to what was blocked for so long. Thanks, Anne, for those fantastic sessions


Personal Breakthroughs


What is an Intensive Retreat? It is a period of time, generally two weeks, which you set aside to focus exclusively on your own healing and and personal growth.  During this time you stay “in residence” 24/7 at Anne’s home where you have your own private quarters.

However, this is not a time for fun and enjoyment. This is a time for doing what Anne calls “warrior work”, one of the most important commitments you can make to yourself. Even with the compassionate support and guidance you receive, you will also need your courage.

The daily program is focused on self discovery and healing of issues that have been preventing you from having the life you want.  There are no “distractions” to take your attention away from the focus; no daily news, phone calls, or idle socializing. Daily interaction with Anne is focused on delving deep into yourself to discover what the “real issues” are that have been holding you back.

You do this, under Anne’s guidance, in various ways, including writing, art work, massage, energy bodywork, breath work, toning, and sound therapy using Tibetan and Crystal Singing bowls. You are also encouraged to spend time in meditation and to nurture yourself in nature.  Their are mountain views and open country side to walk along in British Columbia or Tropical vegetation and sandy beaches on an island in Fiji.

The reason for using such a wide variety of modalities during the retreat is to involve all of your bodies in the healing sessions; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is one of the keys to achieving personal breakthroughs.

Most forms of therapy or personal growth address primarily one of the bodies. “Talk Therapy”, for example, addresses mostly the mental body, massage therapy the physical body, etc. While there is a ripple effect throughout one’s entire system, the effect is often not significant in the bodies that are not directly addressed.

The “trauma of our lives, on the other hand, are deeply rooted in all our bodies, simultaneously. The physical carries the energy, the tension and cellular memory, the mental has imprinted disempowering beliefs about the world and negative images of the self at the unconscious level while the emotional body continuously recreates painful patterns which diminish our lives and deplete our energy.  When these bodies are so deeply restricted the spiritual self, Soul loses its freedom and ability to carry out the mission it designed for this lifetime.

Of course there are in fact no distinct “bodies” even though talking of having several “bodies”  is useful, and may even reflect how we sometimes feel.  In truth we are one “being”. The more of our being that is actively involved in our healing process, the more integrated we will feel and the more effective and long lasting will be the results.

This is the reason than an Intensive Silent Retreat is so effective in creating significant personal breakthroughs in a short period of time. Like a magnifying glass that can start a fire with the light of the sun, the key to its effectiveness is the intensity of the focus.


Meditation Dream analysis
Massage Shamanic work
Emotional release Art therapy
Soul retrieval Nature support

By making the commitment to do an Intensive Retreat, and following through, you will give yourself one of the greatest gifts that you can imagine.

Here are some descriptions of clients experiences. Noticed how her behaviour and attitude changed after the intensive.

“I am a 54 year old woman and I have been in a 12 step program for 7 years. Before that I had gone to Anne for 5 weekly therapeutic massages. I had been thinking of going to a therapist for about 6 months prior to starting the massages, because I felt numb, have overexerted myself and overburdened myself at work. I was on the verge of a burnout. Because of the lack of stimuli in the intensive retreat, I was able to do deeper work and stay focused. During the first few days, I found it very difficult to live with this intensity, to examine the things I did not like about myself and about my past and to share these with another human being.

This therapy felt completely different from any other therapy I had done before. As the therapy continues, I felt better and better and after 11 days I did not want to leave.
Anne had a wonderful way of explaining everything in my life so it made sense. I now have a new understanding based on the spiritual person that I am and I know how to get in touch with that part of myself. Anne empowered me to do this, to believe and trust in myself and with the help of meditation, to be able to find my own answers. ”

“A few years ago, I had taken an NLP course, at great cost, believing it would help me. It did to some extent, but I feel the intensive retreat is changing the negative thought patterns and behaviours which I displayed with myself and my family. For example, when my husband had talked about going away on a trip earlier this summer, I had curtly dismissed him, saying it was going to be too costly. After the intensive I was able to go on a beautiful trip with him. Now, after what felt like a honeymoon, I feel closer to him and I feel a new tenderness in him”.

“I feel that I love myself and others more and that I am kinder to myself. I have gained a new understanding of myself and I feel confident that I can continue on my path of self discovery..”

More Comments:

“I have just completed a four day retreat with Anne de Nada. I am writing to say how pleased I was with the elemental, beautiful and calming atmosphere, and the kind of compassionate care I received. I went home feeling whole and burnished by the light”.

“I went to see Anne because I had been suffering with back and neck pain for over a year. Wishing for a miracle cure, I soon realized that healing is much more than taking away the pain. It is about reconnecting with your body and your soul. I became aware that my body DOES have something to cry about, and it is by letting it BE this way that the pain will be released. The process of reconnection with myself is very empowering and a great source of relief. I feel like I am discovering the owner’s manual for a body that I’ve ignored for many years. And, for my body it IS a miracle, it can finally be heard, respected and nurtured back to health. The path Anne guides me on is a path that she herself has taken. This may be what makes her such an authentic teacher. I am very grateful for having worked with Anne. She is a sincere and loving healing facilitator, who is dedicated to the soul’s journey.”

If this is the kind of breakthrough that you have been seeking in your own life then you are invited to call Anne to discuss whether a virtual session or an Intensive Retreat would be appropriate for you at this time. Anne de Nada can be reached at 613-699-1943 or email annedenada@icloud.com