About the Author

About the Author

Anne de Nada is a native Australian who now lives in British Columbia and Fiji, and although she was an orphan and left destitute at around 16 years old, Anne transcended her trauma to attain an education and become a successful businesswoman and world traveler. Today Anne is a healer in her own right, and her purpose is to inspire others to heal their lives and to bring more light and love into the world for the benefit of all humanity.

Anne,  is an author, speaker, artist, poet and advocate for awareness of sexual violence has devoted her life to healing and discovering essential truths about life.

Having travelled, written poetry and painted in many countries, her art reflect the spiritual world of exotic locations and unique cultures. Anne appreciates and utilizes the vibrational world of sound, colour and places in her art as well as sacred symbols and shapes. Her current works explore a broad spectrum of her inner landscape.

On her path to discovery from her own personal trauma from sexual violence at an early age she shares her own wisdom to help those in need of healing.

Anne’s philosophy guides her work as a healer. Her philosophy rests on two tenets:

Exploring One’s Inner Landscape

Exploring one’s inner landscape allows us to awaken ourselves and discover our genius and create our true potential.

Facilitating and Validating the Healing Journey

Facilitating and confirming the healing journey from trauma allows one to travel a path to discover their greatest gift-the gift of validating our own self. We each are our own creators of our lives moving towards happiness or its opposite.