Shamanic Therapeutic Massaging

Some Background

Deep breathing

The body uses deep breathing to relax and rejuvenate itself, thus facilitating the healing process. Breathing is one of the energy pumps causing expansion and contraction. The deeper and slower we breathe, the deeper and slower the body’s scanning processes goes.

Body trauma

Each body has its own ebb and flow creating a rhythm. Each part has a potential for becoming jammed. This can be caused by a traumatic impact. While we may survive the trauma often there is an emotional/physical charge created from the impact. The body, in an attempt to contain the chaotic, undissipated energy, will wall itself off or shut down. It becomes an energy cyst/blockage. While the blockages are not visible, they often remain in the body until released years later.

How does one explain a journey where you arrive in a foreign country/planet that has no known dictionary or library and you are to travel, work and live there. Your human mind is lost in this world- yet there is another part of you that is perfectly at home and knows what is needed and how to accomplish your mission. That is the environment in which a shaman operates. Another part of you, which I call your higher self, is permitted to take over by surrendering your mental body.

This journey is the road to connecting, claiming, and retrieving parts or all of our soul in order that all our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, ethereal and spiritual) can live as one in harmony from within and without.

When a person feels they have crazy, mad or destructive energy inside of themselves they know something is wrong. Since no one talks about it, these feelings are kept a secret. The truth of it is that at one time or other most of us have these unwanted feelings. If they are persistent and at times control a person’s thoughts and actions more than likely they do not belong to the person. When a person has suffered trauma (especially at a young age) their energy field has been violated and unwanted energy, feelings and thoughts have been deposited into this person. We say that the area of violation of this person has been split off and where this has taken place, the body is in pain. At the point of violation, if a person becomes frozen or numbered by pain or fear, we say that part of the body has become split off from the body’s main source of energy. If the incident was so traumatic it is as if the soul vacates that part of the body as a result of our wishing we would rather be dead than deal with the trauma. The pain and memory of the event then becomes locked into the cells of the body awaiting release at a later time or maybe never.

Soul retrieval work is done by a healing facilitator who is willing and able to sit energetically and emotionally with an individual and penetrate the individual’s barriers for the purpose of releasing these foreign entities. Such an entity is any energy or matter, which is not consistent with the true essence of the individual. These foreign entities are desirous of finding their true home and usually will leave reluctantly when acknowledged.

There are many reasons why an individual cannot do this work for him/herself. The main one is the degree of trauma a person has undergone. So a shaman sits with a client and the two energies become one. With the client’s invitation, the shaman undergoes the process of feeling the pain and from this position calls back the soul. This is very delicate work. It is a joint effort. In fact it is more than a joint effort- this work receives the assistance of the two individuals plus their higher selves, guides and angels etc. The client requires a desire for this release on all body levels, a willingness to trust the facilitator and most of all a soul’s desire to surrender all or some of the holding patterns that have been keeping the individual in pain. The preparation work may take days, weeks, months or even years. This individual is usually able to feel the energies being pulled out and released or to feel a cleansing taking place. Once the cleansing work has been accomplished then the healing violet flame of Ste Germaine flows into the person filling the empty spaces.

How do I know this for a fact? I am very fortunate to have a friend who sees energy and is able to describe to me exactly what takes place while I work. Sometimes, I am required to use a native drum, rattles, Tibetan and crystal bowls and my voice. There are as many shamanic ways of working with healing energies, as there are shamans. During the session, clients receive medical grade oxygen creating a bridge over which the vital life force (02) travels to connect the lost parts.

My gift is to move energy only if both parties wish it. I also am able to clear energies within buildings. I have been blessed in being able to tap into my past shaman life experiences.

Anne de Nada is a healing facilitator who can be reached at 613-699-1943



Dear Anne,

I was grateful to have the chance to work with you. After the session I first felt a huge amount of energy surrounding me, a dreamy energy filling my aura like I had never felt before. As I began walking to Harvard Square, my whole body felt integrated with graceful coordinated movement. I relished each movement and could only walk exquisitely slowly. This felt right and beautiful to me as I breathed in the sights and let myself move slowly and feeling-fully. For the next few days I was able to return to more ease in myself as soon I would start to feel stressed. I would remember the peaceful feeling of having an open third eye and being open to receive whatever life would bring me, and my body would relax and remember its true state as harmonious and light-filled. I also am able to bring more weight and awareness to my pelvis. And to know that I can push things out my pelvic floor is incredibly useful.

I look forward to more sessions with you!


Anne’s discovery of her healing method from her own journey is a direct approach to the source of trauma

She allows the client full self expression of anything that might be blocking them

It is verbal and non verbal, and deals with emotions without being stuck on them, rather have emotions move, body and mind through self limiting beliefs

Anne assists one to free ones Inner Shaman and learn mind, body techniques to help one access their innate self healing powers.

To free themselves from energy blocks, and limits to personal growth and transformation.

One learns how to trust one intuitive ability and access to their Higher Power.

In this way healing can be fun, cathartic, sad, wild, wonderful, crazy and ultimately bring satisfaction in ways not realized before.

One can do in one session what years of traditional talk therapy can only scratch the surface…

Anne’s journey is working with healers all over the world…Australia…etc..


Anne is truly from another dimension. Anne does deep work. One has to be ready to visit the darkest parts of themselves before making a decision to work with her. She may have a sense of humour but her work is not funny. I have truly benefited from my intensive with Anne. She has helped me go to the places within myself I have been avoiding my entire life. If you have the courage, strength, stamina and the fortitude to look yourself in the mirror and truly see what is there, then you are ready to meet that sweet child in each one of us. Love always.



To learn more about Anne’s work or speak to her contact her below….