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You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Do what makes you happy” more than a few times. But, do you know what true happiness really is? And more importantly, do you know how to attain true happiness?

Above all else, happiness is the most sought-after thing in the world. Every human on this Earth craves happiness, but most do not know how to attain it. It’s not just a blissful feeling of joy, but it’s true contentment, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Like many others, my life has been a series of hills and valleys. For some time, I experienced much more negative than positive, and it reflected in myself, and my life moving forward. However, years of traveling and connecting with nature and other people led me to a life of fulfillment and abundance. Keep reading to hear my journey to happiness, and how you can truly be happy!


What Is Happiness?

While achieving happiness is subjective, the principle of happiness remains the same for everyone. Happiness is experiencing more positive emotions than negative ones. In other words, it’s to be balanced, satisfied with your life, and be at peace with yourself and the world around you.

To me, happiness comes from freedom, adventure, being spiritual, and connecting with others. These are times that my spirit is completely free to express itself, there is no controlling my life. Instead, I can accept, surrender, trust, and feel safe.

Safety and security are very important to me, and one place that offers that to me is being in nature. It took trips with my husband canoeing in the wilderness to experience the awareness that nature does not critique or judge. These were very freeing experiences and ones mostly unknown to me until that time, or unaware of this knowledge.


How I Discovered Happiness:

Growing up, I faced significant challenges that did not contain a lot of happiness. My happy times were away from the home. My need for freedom was very strong and did not feel the ability to engage in this desire until after my parents passed.

Somehow, I learned to love the extremes of becoming a debutant during the week attending dances and hunting gemstones with the guys on weekends. My love of exploring was being developed and paired with my love of nature and freedom.

I also became a traveler and took a two-month trip around Australia enjoying the adventure, the movement of going from place to place. This gave me a freedom I had not previously known. My love of adventure was further developed by traveling to New Zealand, Fiji, the United States, eventually settling in Canada. Here, I found the freedom to be myself, to complete my education, and have children all heartfelt desires I had.

My happiness was further developed by my ability to create via painting, poetry, and writing. Through my inner personal growth work and meditation, I learned I was a very spiritual person and probably the happiest times in my life were when doing energy work. I enjoyed numerous spiritual experiences and began to learn there is more to us than our Earthly life.

I learned that we create our worlds and knowing and feeling that we can become masters of our life, ie our health, our environment (I now live on an island, surrounded by nature), and choose time to develop self-love which ideally then flows out to other humans.


Temporary Happiness:

Happiness can be a fleeting experience; it can exist from one moment and gone the next. It’s all about what makes you happy, but when it’s based on someone or something, this is material happiness and not true to yourself. Once the external happiness is gone, your happiness goes with it.

My ability to manifest my desires gave me temporary happiness, becoming an entrepreneur and only responsible to myself and my clients. Being self-employed, while difficult, also gave me the freedom on several occasions to take 6-month vacations from my businesses.

Eventually, because of being a workaholic, I had the finances to pay for therapy and gain an understanding of my personal issues. I learned that when my life was not going well, I could change that by clearing and cleansing my physical, emotional and mental blockages which created more freedom in these areas.


Finding Happiness With The Help of A Healer

When you’ve got mental or emotional baggage, the chances of being truly happy are smaller. It takes breaking free from old pain and blockages and pursuing happiness from within. Energy clearing can be the key that unlocks that door for you.

Through clearing your old pain, you’re opening your heart to new, better things. By healing your emotional wounds, happiness not only becomes real, but tangible. Contact me today to get the journey to happiness started today.

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