Why Healing Is a Long-Term Journey

Why Healing Is a Long-Term Journey

Our lives are like the strata of the Earth, containing all our experiences in our subconscious. The happy experiences are remembered and enjoyed and are of an expansive freeing energy. This is unlike moments of pain, hurt, sadness, anger and hatred which are mostly difficult to digest and are buried deep in our energy field.

One may often hear that healing is like peeling an onion; one must start with the top or external layer first because the subconscious has survival as its number one priority. Each trauma that has not been released has unique qualities based on a split-second nervous decision for safety, i.e. fight, flight or freeze. When the trauma is devastating, these responses get buried deeply in unique layers or film.  In other words, our thoughts, feelings and actions are buried at a cellular level waiting for the perfect moment for their release.

Our physical cells hold the history of our unprocessed life experiences.  To have access to this information, certain characteristics must be developed such as self-trust, safety, support and great courage because our initial response is to deny and avoid. Hence these memories were suppressed for survival. In some ways, it takes dedication, determination and devotion to uncover our buried responses, like searching for a needle in a haystack.  We are not in control of when the information is released. It requires patience and tenacity for it will be revealed at the perfect moment.

This is possible. All is recorded and, as we do more release work, we become more sensitive to hearing, seeing, feeling, touching and intuiting and more familiar with the power and observation of energy. Every pattern, habit and belief have origins, and it is all accessible to us if we are dedicated and passionate about who we are and who we have become. In my case, I was fortunate to be able to relive part of my conception. People are aware of the importance of rebirthing and how it can be the foundation for many habitual responses in life.

There are no quick fixes along this journey. Surprises, yes, both good and bad. It is a solo journey, and one in which the observer becomes their own teacher. Many tools need to be developed, particularly if there was very early childhood trauma because the body is so vulnerable at a young age.

There often needs to be deep tissue massage to release the scar tissue and allow the traumatized parts of the body to return to their natural mobility.

There is a need to accept vulnerability for emotional release, which comes in a variety of responses from intensity to mild reactions.

Accessing the subconscious via dreams, daydreams, automatic writing, journaling and art therapy is vital. This is because 95-97% of our daily decisions are made in our subconscious. One can explore illnesses and inflexibility in the body or hidden unhappy areas. Yoga is also a great tool.

Meditating is important to stop the monkey mind and allow one’s inner wisdom to be heard. Via meditation, we are becoming the observer and learning to observe how and where energy moves through the body to discover all the connections. There are so many avenues of guidance available every second of the day.

At the same time, one learns from one’s inner knowledge how the bones, muscles, tendons and nerves all unwind when time and surrender are made available.

This takes years especially in my case.  At times, life interrupts this process. However I was fortunate to be introduced to husband-and-wife therapists that offered silent, intensive therapeutic retreats that assisted me in making great breakthroughs and achieving release from my first 20 years of trauma. This is the greatest gift of love one can give oneself.

Happy travels.

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