Ph.D.: Purified Heart Transformation

Ph.D.: Purified Heart Transformation

Most people understand Ph.D. to stand for Doctor of Philosophy, a degree that qualifies its holder to teach their chosen subject at university level or to work in a specialized position in their chosen field. It is seen as a signifier of intelligence and experience and commands respect.

However, for victims of trauma, who have learned through their experiences and gone the distance of transformation, there is no such distinction. There is much we can learn from those who have gone through the courageous, tenacious and extremely challenging journey to make sense of their past, heal from it and accomplish physical, emotional and mental body metamorphoses. Trauma victims, too, have a Ph.D., or a Purified Heart Transformation.

Through my new book, “Twisted Roots, Standing Tall,” I hope to demonstrate the strength and wisdom of trauma survivors, who rise from the ashes to live the strongest and brightest lives. I share insight into my own journey living with physical, mental and emotional poverty and losing my parents at age 16 with no relatives and how it pushed me to grow up quickly. I spent most of my first 20 years experiencing repeat traumas and longing to be part of a warm, loving and happy family, yet I grew to live an interesting life with two husbands, three children and four grandchildren. I am a successful businesswoman and world traveler who instilled in my children the importance of finances, travel, adventure and independence. I am also a Shamanic healing facilitator and spiritual person.

Unfortunately, I have only recently realized that I carried a lot of victim energy (i.e. a lack of respect for myself and for others). My children were subjected to this unhealthy energy, and for this, I will forever be sad and offer forgiveness to myself. However, one of my near-death experiences taught me that I could not leave this life, and I did want to because I hadn’t finished teaching my children all they have to learn even though they had already left home and were establishing their own careers. My victim energy also made it hard for me to believe that I had something left to teach. Even though they did not show interest in learning about their relatives, partly because they came from the other half of the world down under, I felt at least one of my four grandchildren might like to know one day, and the book would be a place to start.

In writing, editing and blogging, I discovered how wonderfully therapeutic the process has been and awakened to the possibility this was part of my life’s purpose: to become a messenger for the most expensive crime the world over (the statistics for sexual abuse are horrific). In addition to teaching my children and grandchildren, I am also called to show others the multifaceted dimensions of trauma and healing.

This process has defined more clearly who I truly am, a spiritual human with the heart of a lion forever being challenged and evolving. I hope “Twisted Roots, Standing Tall” demonstrates that, regardless of the trauma or pain someone has endured, they can overcome and learn from it. They can receive their Purified Heart Transformation. The greater the trauma the brighter the spirit.

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